CONFERENCIA: Creatividad en la Era Digital: Explorando las Fronteras de la Inteligencia Artificial, WIPO, GENEVA, Switzerland

It is an honour to be part of the panel "PRACTICAL IMPACT OF THE GROWING USE OF AI IN CONTENT CREATION (ACROSS DIFFERENT SECTORS): CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES", organised by the World Intellectual Property Organization next Thursday 18 April, at its headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland. 

“Generative AI and copyright” has emerged as one of the most compelling and most debated IP topic of recent times. The increased use and mind-blowing potential of GenAI tools across creative sectors is making headlines and attracting the growing attention of policy makers and stakeholders around the globe.
In light of the unfolding AI revolution, World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO Member States decided to start looking at key legal and policy questions raised by GenAI as it relates to copyright.
For the first time, the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) will host an Information Session (on Thursday, April 18) to raise awareness and enable an inclusive exchange of views on fundamental issues, such as: the practical impact of the use of AI for creators and business across creative industries; and the enabling factors of a sustainable development of GenAI for all stakeholders.
The program features an impressive lineup of speakers, such as ….
Creators and artists: Pablo Vierci, Jack DEVNARAIN, Emi Kusano, Frejat Roberto, Esther Pizarro, Giulia Be, Marisa Monte, and Violeta Forest
Content industries and other stakeholders professionals: Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, Geoff Taylor MBE, Noam Roubah, Martín Etchevers, Peter Schoppert, Iman M. Khamis
AI developers: Ana Carolina da Motta (Amazon Web Services (AWS)), Charlotte Heylliard (Alien), Diao Yunyun (Tencent)
And other leading experts as Andres Guadamuz
To set the stage, we will kick off the session with a live performance showcasing how artists use GenAI to create immersive experiences.
You can join this incredible exchange online via this link:


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